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Interview w/a Communicator: Tech Services Provider

Meet Traci Knoppe, tech service provider, internet marketer, entrepreneur, blogger, teacher and public speaker. Traci has been online since 1996, built her first website in 1997 and started her first online business (web design services) in 1999.  She added internet and affiliate marketer to the mix in 2007. Then in 2009 changed her per-hour web design business model to a Team model when she hired help and offered her web design and tech skills as an outsourcing services provider - which she continues to do today. Traci is a wealth of information on most techie issues which is a great relief for non techies like me!  She is also a fabulous friend and I know you will enjoy hearing more...

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NEW: Interview w/a Communicator

We have a new feature here on Communication FUNdamentals called Interview with a Communicator.  We all communicate every day of our lives and communication touches every aspect of it.  So...each week, I'm going to bring you a blog interview with someone in a different ministry, business or time of life to share with you.  Each will share the mission God has them on and how effective communication plays an important role.  We begin with a friend I met online. BeckyJoie Thombs Oakes is a “multiple hat wearer” and a free-lance writer. She spends her time volunteering to work with youth as well as lay-counseling ministries at a local Christian counseling center.  She has three sons.   She lives with her husband,...

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Is 'good' a good enough word?

This week, Word Wednesday's misused word is brought to you by the word "good."  Is good really a good word to use?  It's really not so good.  Good is not very descriptive, is it? "That's a good idea." "He is a good pianist." "She did a good job." If these sentences were about you, wouldn't you rather hear: "That's an inspired idea." "He was an accomplished pianist." "She did an exceptional job." For that matter, wouldn't you much rather know why your idea was inspired, you are accomplished and did an exceptional job?  The devil isn't the only one in the details.  A compliment is so much more meaningful when the receiver knows why you think he's good.  A persuasive...

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