Business and Leadership

 "A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver." Proverbs 25:11

Most people won't attribute a lack of business success to a lack of effective communication skills, but it's often the root cause!     







 Does any of this sound familiar?

* Have you ever wanted a leadership or managerial position only to discover that your superiors didn't see you as a leader?
* Have you ever had a tough time handling an upset customer, demanding co worker, or an unreasonable supplier, or even a job interview (whether you were the interviewer or the interviewee)?
* Do you feel uncomfortable talking to customers, management or giving presentations?
* Do you have a difficult time convincing your boss or staff of your idea?
* Did you know that studies show that effective communicators are more successful, make more money and are happier than their less articulate counterparts?

Art of Eloquence has courses to help the business owner, direct sales leader, employee and first time job seeker find success in their chosen field by learning to master the art of eloquence through speech communication training. 

More effective business communication will allow you to:

* Strengthen Your customer contacts, get the most out of your suppliers, increase results in customer service
* Avoid, Reduce and Resolve Conflicts
* Give you more confidence
* Handle Every Day business with Ease
* Share Your ideas without Arguments
* Enhance Your Business Relationships
* Ace That Job Interview
* Be Seen as a Leader
* Climb the corporate ladder

Leadership is crucial for success!

JoJoism#97 "Though technology has come a long way, true communication remains the same with one respectfully speaking his heart as the other listens with grace." JoJoisms: Revealing Life's I think of 'em! 

 "He who loves a pure heart and whose speech is gracious will have the king for his friend." Proverbs 22:11  


When others don't see you as a leader:

* You're up for a promotion at work, but your boss doesn't think you can handle management
* You'd like to get ahead, but you can't seem to get noticed
* You want to head up a church event, but others don't believe in your vision
* You have great ideas, but others won't get behind them and support you
* You a leader, but you just don't look like one

Communicate you are a leader and:

* Get noticed and considered for management positions
* Others will support your ideas
* Folks will think you worthy of following
* Experience more rapid career advancement

JoJoism#46  "What people don’t understand is that a leader isn’t a leader until someone believes in him.  A leader has to communicate that he is worth following." JoJoisms: Revealing Life's I think of 'em!

“I highly recommend this great e-book Say What You Mean When You’re in Business. JoJo has captured the art of effective communication AND listening skills so perfectly. Her message is one of putting the customer first, good service and listening to the needs of one’s customers. These customers range from a client to a member of a downline and even members of one’s family. Jo-Jo’s communication skills will help YOU succeed at the Art of Communication and grow your business in the process. Her book confirmed that I’m heading in the right direction and also provided new tips and tools to use that will enhance my business. What a blessing this book has been for me – I can’t wait to read it a second time!” -Jeri St. John

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