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How will you use your communication power in 2021?

Communication is a power given to us by God. He asks us in His Word to share the Gospel. There are many other ways in which we can use the power of communication. How will you use yours in 2021?  Most people don't ever think about how they can use the incredible power that God gives us, but I think after the year we had, it's even more vital than ever before.  Do you feel called to stand up for a cause that was brought to light in 2020? Do you feel it's important to share the Gospel in a particular way in 2021?  Are you feeling the Lord ask you to defend the Bible?  Many things that happened in 2020...

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ABCs of Effective Communication

I wrote a blog post many years ago with a communication quote that started with ever letter of the alphabet. This month, I created them each in visual format. Thought I'd share them all here this month. 

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New Service: One on One Coaching w/JoJo!

I've actually been doing this for many years through my co op classes with homeschoolers, my own children, and for free with those who ask me questions during the course of my connecting with people all over the web. It's just now that I began offering it as an Art of Eloquence service.  My new One on One Coaching is now available here! I coach mainly for shyness and social anxiety, but I also do one on one coaching for Christians with a mission, ministry, or business who are finding it difficult to stand up and speak out in a world that tells Christians to sit down and be quiet.  I also do some coaching for conflict resolution skills as...

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