Want a happier marriage? Closer friendships? A more successful career? A more effective ministry? Then you NEED to learn to communicate effectively!  

Art of Eloquence materials are fun, simple, endorsed by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, and recommended by HSLDA!


 As you may have noticed, the rhetoric has turned hostile in 2020! It's harder to discuss the most important issues of our day. It's even more important today than it was all those years ago when I started writing my first communication study back in 2002! For that reason, Art of Eloquence has introduced a new service!


We are proud to announce a group coaching program for shyness, social anxiety, and social awkwardness designed to help Christian teens and adults to learn to speak up effectively for the Kingdom! If you or someone you know struggles with the fear of speaking up about the most important issues of our day or suffer from a general shyness, I can help! I have been where you are, I found a way out, and I can help you! 

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