Misadventures of Foot in Mouth Man

Art of Eloquence makes learning communication skills fun! Just ask FIMM! For Your FIMMformation:

FIMM is the Art of Eloquence mascot and our resident MIScommunicator: A loveable but bumbling communicator, FIMM stumbles his way through life! FIMM began on Communication FUNdamentals, our blog, and FIMM Fans have watched him through many episodes sticking his foot in his mouth so often he has Athlete's Tongue!

FIMM Fans tell us that FIMM is so much fun that they are sitting down with their kidlings to use FIMM's Faux Pas as a mini communication lesson!

FIMM was so popular that we just had to star him in his own video! FIMM: The Movie has been so well received that we created his very own page on the Art of Eloquence site just so FIMM Fans can keep up to date on all his FIMMisms!

On FIMM's internet home you will find his lastest episode of misadventure, a few of FIMM's past episodes, FIMM: The Movie. FIMM Speaks and the FIMM Gift Shop!

December 2012 Episode: 12 Days of FIMMness


November 2012 Episode: Thanksgiving Dinner


October 2012 Episode: Dear FIMM


September 2012 Episode: Lost...FIMM Style



* NOTE: Fimm was on Summer Break from filming his monthly videos during July and August.


June 2012 Episode: FIMM & Fatherhood

DISCLAIMER: I was finally was able to finish the Father's Day FIMM episode. Unfortunately, there is an error in one of the frames. I actually fixed it, but for techie reasons unknown to nontechie kind, it will not upload with the corrected frame. So I'm leaving it this way, at least for now.

May 2012 Episode: FIMM's Mother's Day


April 2012 Episode: FIMMvangelism


March 2012 Episode: Many Happy Repairs


February 2012 Episode: Love, FIMM Style


January 2012 Episode: FIMM's New Year's Resolutions

FIMM: Don't be like "himm!"

Here is FIMM's first Short! The Misadventures of Foot in Mouth Man (FIMM)


  Don't be a FIMMpersonator! Check out Art of Eloquence to learn more about communication skills the FUN way!

FIMM: The Original Movie!!

A few comments on FIMM's Movie!

"What a fun way to let people know how important it is to have good communication skills!! I love FIMM!!!!!!!!!" - Debbie Garrett

"Fun video that demonstrates the need to learn and use good communication skills! I am currently teaching the Say What You Mean for Teens to a small group of homeschooled teens and they are enjoying the lessons and they LOVED this video!"-Tamara Walker

"Great video! I've used Art of Eloquence materials and they're great! They have a great manual for people in business" - Joan, Image Maker Online.com

"Communication is such a critical skill. FIMM commits some pretty common blunders, but the humorous style of these clips makes it easier to look at ourselves truthfully." -Kim Kautzer, Write Shop


Some Past Episodes

FIMM's Premiere Episode was back in April 19, 2006

Now you can follow the misadventures of Foot in Mouth Man (FIMM) as he goes along his merry way unaware of the chaos he causes spreading miscommunication wherever he goes. Tune in each first Wednesday of the month for a new episode of the...Misadventures of Foot in Mouth Man!


After 130 FIMM episodes, the FIMM Archives were getting too long even to include links to all of them here! Our new eBook, "FIMMology 101: The Humorous Sins of our Mouths" contains the BEST of Foot in Mouth Man episodes, but here are a few of FIMM's past episodes for your reading pleasure:

Episode 84: The Legend of Foot in Mouth Man

FIMM was born Franklyn Ignacious McMillner Possible on a bloggy September day in the year of our Lord 1952. Very soon his parents noticed that FIMM was different. Instead of sucking his thumb, he preferred his foot. While other parents were finding little pet names for their children, FIMM's parents called him their little Foot in Mouth Man! FIMM for short.

FIMM was a sweet child but he had difficulty expressing himself. When at 13-months-old FIMM pointed to his mouth, his parents mistakenly thought he was hungry. It took them several years to figure out that, to FIMM, this meant that he wanted his toy car.

As he grew older, his communication skills didn't improve very much. FIMM had trouble finding FIMMployment! He had difficulty with customers. He had trouble giving directions! FIMM had an enormous amount of problems dating! Even when he met the girl of his dreams, he had some problems popping the question! Poor Bonnie felt the pain of some engagement ring black and blues! Though he was on fire for Jesus, FIMM made some church blunders! And, though he means well, FIMM knows that he sometimes appears to be "agrumenterary". FIMM has not been very successful in business. His attempts at marketing a second income have been met with some difficulty. Even little things like leaving a note for the repairman have caused FIMM a great deal of misunderstanding.

But as God often does, He uses FIMM's unfortunate and complete lack of effective communication skills in order to entertain and educate the rest of us. FIMM actually takes great pride in being used in this way to further the cause of effective communication that was previously relegated to the dull and boring text books. It gives FIMM great joy to know that he has been responsible for helping the Christian community to come to realize that effective communication isn't just for politicians and lawyers! It is something that touches every aspect of our lives.

The legend of Foot in Mouth Man is a comical reminder to all of just how important communication skills can be in all areas of life. FIMM's prayer is for you all to learn from his mistakes.

Now that you know the secret lessons of the legend of FIMM...don't be like himm! Check out Art of Eloquence to learn communication skills the fun way!

Episode 94: Birth Announcement FIMM and Bonnie have been keeping a secret! Not only from you, their fans, but also from their family. Thought you might like to see the birth announcement.