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Speaking Engagements

If you would like to hear JoJo speak at your local homeschool convention or Christian event, let the coordinator know to contact JoJo at

Past Speaking Engagements
* 16 Communication Myths and Phobias-January Audio

* Family Health Matters radio show with Bess Blanco 

* Homeschool Lifetime Magazine feature spot

* 7 Love Myths that Can Ruin Your Relationships-February Audio

* Rock Your 2012 Seminar with Dana Susan Bearsley

* Everyone Talks; Very Few Actually Communicate-March Audio

* Meet Mitsy Lou Puppernickel -April Interview with a Christian entertainer on humor and God’s Word

* The Power of Testimony -May Audio: My Testimony

* What Does Racism Really Mean and Are We Too Easily Offended? -June Interview with Joan Rudder-Ward

Some of JoJo’s past interviews and seminars

My audio interview with author, Barbara Frank (approx 1hr)

Click the microphone to hear my one hour interview with author Barbara Frank detailing the need for effective communication skills in the 21st Century job market.



Homeschooling Buzz Interview with Gerald McKoy (approx 1hr)



Integrated Woman Interview with LaTara Ham Ying (approx 55 min)


The Homeschooler Next Door with Mary Jo Tate (approx 50 min)

Click the microphone to begin the audio.