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Art of Eloquence homeschool Curricula was chosen “Homeschool Approved” and is ENDORSED by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and recommended by HSLDA!

Even before our first study was back from the printer, we had customers waiting on our doorstep to purchase it for use at home! Our studies have been called “a blessing” and “an answer to prayer“.


“Where was this book when I was in school? I loved words and never had any problems writing essays and reports, but when it came to delivering speeches, I went weak in the knees. I attributed my fears to the fact that I was shy. After receiving Say What You Mean for Kids, I see that it was because I never had proper training in communication skills.  In my opinion, it is a very valuable resource.

I am sold on this program and would highly recommend it. In fact, I would go so far as the say that every homeschooled child should have this book! I believe that the art of effective communication is so very important, yet it is something that is not taught often or enough. Every student should be equipped with the tools available in this book.” -Heidi Strawser, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, March 2007

On Say What You Mean for Teens:

“In essence, JoJo covers everything from how to speak to different audiences to how to listen to others. This curriculum requires no teacher preparation time and the exercises crafted to address skills to master are entertaining and funny.  If you want to foster in your teenager the ability to express his or her faith, and to stand up for values, while at the same time learning life skills, this is the curriculum for you.”-Dr. Heather Allen, TOS Senior Analyst, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

On Know Your Audience, Say What You Mean: An Creative Speech Course and Say What You Mean: Defending the Faith:

“JoJo Tabares has developed a wonderful set of books to help with this sometimes difficult task. Say What You Mean: A Creative Speech Course lays a solid foundation for giving both prepared and impromptu presentations on a variety of topics. Know Your Audience prepares your student to understand their audience and to give persuasive presentations by helping a student develop a variety of presentations for a variety of audiences, from speaking to a friend through giving a formal presentation to sell a product to a large company, and even dealing with an angry customer. Say What You Mean: Defending the Faith prepares students to defend the Christian faith against some of the most common attacks, such as those who believe that Christians are intolerant or only using God as a crutch, or those who believe the Bible does not line up with science or contains contradictions.

I think students will gain more from the courses due to the high interest level of the topics and the conversational style of the books.  Whether our homeschool graduates will be raising the next generation or will become corporate executives, they will need to be able to communicate their ideas effectively in writing and through speech. The Art of Eloquence curriculum will help them do both in a delightfully entertaining manner!” -Dr. Anne Margaret Wright, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC

Here are some of our customer’s comments:

“Families who use Defending the Faith will find their young adults better grounded in their own beliefs and well prepared to be salt and light whether they go off to college or move straight into the workforce.” –Cindy Prechtel 

“JoJo Tabares — I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your series! I ordered them to preview them for my students at our cottage school. I LOVE THESE BOOKS! I was a communications major a loooooooooooong time ago in undergrad school (Music Theater to be exact) and I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with the content of your books. I think they should be required courses for every home school and Christian School! Way to go!!!!!” –Karla Akins, D. Ch. Ed. Liberty Scholars

“This class has also helped to facilitate discussion in our family around the dinner table. You have a way of presenting things in a straight forward way that is so understandable.Thank you JoJo” -Marcie, Homeschooling mom of two

“Jason is enjoying it quite a bit.  He always shares interesting little bits of info from what he has learned thanks to your wonderful teaching.”

“My daughter Tabetha has been using “Say What You Mean”. She loves it. I will even hear her laughing at some of the examples JoJo gives for different things. This has been a very positive study for her. I have noticed how much it has helped improve her communication skills. Even in simple things such as having coversations with different people. It’s not about just giving speeches but about everyday type of commnication, from thank you notes to e-mails, to learning how to change how you explain something depending on who you are speaking to.

I enjoy the fact that she can follow along herself and the homework is given at the end of each weeks study. They are creative assignments that she actually enjoys doing and yet is still challenged.”

So go check out JoJos site!

“Your studies are excellent for kids and adults alike and I’m very pleased I purchased them. They are going to help all my kids in school AND me in my business, JoJo. I would recommend them to everyone who needs help with their communication skills.” -Carla

“I purchased JoJo’s books, Say What You Mean and Know Your Audience for my almost teenage son. I quickly perused the books before giving them to my son. So many of the subjects caught my eye and I ended up reading them myself first!. I found the studies to be very informative, covering all aspects of communication, not just the spoken word. They were written in a style that would appeal to pre-teens , teenagers and adults. My son read both books and told me he “enjoyed” them (his word) and learned some things he has already put into practice with his education. Based on this, I recently purchased JoJo’s ebook, Say What you Mean When You’re In Business. I found this work to be of the same superb quality and, again, covering all bases for the business person, not just the spoken word. I highly recommend JoJo’s work and will be purchasing the new books when they are published”. -Carla

“Although I’ve not been in high school for over 20 years, I keep “Say What You Mean” on my reference bookshelf! I’ve always been one of those people who “talk around the bush” and “him and haw” on the points I am trying to get across…not just in business, but with family and friends. This book has helped me focus on what I am truly trying to say and to say it in a way that is productive–so that responses will be proactive, not simply reactive. I believe that each of us has a responsibility to communicate in ways that are beneficial to the parties involved. The book is set up as homework lessons, but I just find my topic and think about what the book says to do and haven’t been disappointed in the outcome. I feel much more focused and highly recommend “Say What You Mean” not only to homeschoolers, but to anyone who wants to communicate effectively, whether personally or in business or at school.

Another book I purchased from the Art of Eloquence is “Know Your Audience.” Once “Say What You Mean” helped me to focus on my words, ” Know Your Audience” helped me to learn to listen more effectively. Again, no matter what one does: is a student, businessperson or stay-at-home parent, “Know Your Audience” unpacks the subtleties of ” Saying What You Mean” and is the perfect complement to the book whether I want to persuade my toddler to pick up his toys or a client to hire me. I keep both handy on my reference shelf.”

Cheryl Hosmer
writer and stay-at-home mom

“Two days ago I received JoJo Tabares book~~”Say What You Mean When You’re In Business” I have to tell you it is not what I expected. JoJo covers so many aspects of business and HOW to say what you mean that even though they may run through our minds, we may never realize their importance. Yes, I can deal effectively with the public, and though I’m not packed with self confidence here in the cyber world, I was working at it. If you have a business, want to grow that business, be professional, and succeed quickly, I urge you to get this book. ” -Lynn

“I highly recommend this great e-book (How to Say What You Mean When You’re in Business). Jo-Jo has captured the art of effective communication AND listening skills so perfectly. Her message is one of putting the customer first, good service and listening to the needs of one’s customers. These customers range from a client to a member of a downline and even members of one’s family. Jo-Jo’s communication skills will help YOU succeed at the Art of Communication and grow your business in the process. Her book confirmed that I’m heading in the right direction and also provided new tips and tools to use that will enhance my business. What a blessing this book has been for me – I can’t wait to read it a second time!”

Jeri St. John
Independent Sales Director
PC Kitchen Consultant

“I want to say to the group Jo Jo has an awesome curriculum that I truly believe God has inspired her books. She is sincere and faithful to His Glory and cause and her books are a great tool for any homeschool curriculum. You are known by your fruit and
her children are advanced in academics as well as socially. She spends the time and energy to make sure they are well taken care of and it shows. I often wish I could have her skills, so I try to learn from her experiences because they are often a guide for me when I get lost. I think she must of read the virtuous wife in the bible because I know she tries to live it. We all fall short but I think Jo Jo gives it her best effort. I do too but I wanted to toot her horn, she deserves it. Toot Toot. Jo Jo ” -Denise

“JoJo’s book is AWESOME! It is full of fantastic tips and ideas for building a business and working with others! I highly recommend it! I’m sure that JoJo will give you the OFFICIAL details on it, but it’s a GREAT e-book! ” -Jeri

“For all that do not have JoJo’s studies-get them! I will be getting her new ones for gifts for new great nephews and/or neice (so excited that my neice is adopting a gift from God this year!) plus, I have all her others and have given the ebook to 3 friends that are in business as well.

My best compliment is on her original studies! My son has a traumatic brain injury and I truly thought I may have to leave some things out. Well, God is awesome and no one knows about Matthew’s TBI because he looks, acts and speaks like any other young man.The accident happened when he was 8 and he is now 17. His verbal skills are excellent and he has done a complete turn around with talking to others. I know God has a great hand in that as He led Matthew to a great youth group but JoJo’s studies have been great. We are actually working on the job interview portion! Matthew brought home an application, which he asked for and was unsure of certain things to complete. Perfect opportunity to learn a skill and I have a great tool to guide him! These are a MUST!!!!!!”

Jill Young
MY Candle Company

“I just want to tell you all that JoJo has a great product for your business. Her ebook Say What You Mean in Business is excellent! It is such an easy read but yet can give you many thing to think about and work on in your business. And she gives EXCELLENT customer service! I just can’t say enough about JoJo and her product. ” -Cynthia

“If you have kids…Jr./Sr. Highers….I strongly recomend the Say What You Mean study. Our son…Jon…who will be starting his 2nd year at Boise Bible College took that study to school with him last fall and while he is NO salesman…he showed his school counselor and a couple of the youth pastors he is apprenticing with…..they were very interested in JoJo’s studies and spoke of using them in their Youth groups!! I am not sure what this has led to for JoJo, but I know Jon really liked it! We gave him the Know Your Audience study last Christmas and he grinned from ear to ear when he opened it and just poured over the book all day Christmas day. He hasn’t been home since to be able to pick his brain about the 2nd study but this reminds me I need to ask him how he liked it. I do know he enjoys JoJo’s writing style a great deal and says the kids in his youth group would enjoy it too! This is from a 19 year old!!! I hope this helps you with your questions about her studies! ” -Deb

“I can tell you that the Say What You Mean When You’re In Business is a FANTASTIC resource! I cannot tell you how much wonderful information is packed into this e-book. ” -Ellen

“The Say What You Mean For Preschoolers is excellent! My son (although at first grade is past preschool material) has enjoyed learning the different ways he can be polite. It was a real blessing to me as his mom/teacher to see him put into use the practical applications of shaking hands and introducing himself to a grownup he didn’t know. I was very proud of him, not only did he remember which hand to shake with, but he also remembered to address this person as Mr. … and speak clearly and loudly enough for this person to hear and understand him.

JoJo has done a wonderful job with the study, making it fun for my son and also easy to remember the specific lessons. We are now enjoying the tongue twisters!” -Jill Lee

“I highly recommend the Say What You Mean Creative Speech Course for teens. I have two homeschooled sons, ages 13 and 15, using it this year and it is their first experience with a “speech” curriculum. Mrs. Tabares, through her curricula, has given my sons the tools, opportunity and feedback necessary to become confident and competent in their speaking, whether a one-on-one impromptu conversation or a prepared speech in a group setting. My sons love speech and have grown and learned so much and that says it all!” -Joann Oxenham

“This is such a needed class and I can see how easily both boys are learning some of the ways to respond (and ways not to respond) to some of the common things people say.  I can see how they are understanding their faith in new, deeper ways and making their faith their own.”


I just wanted to say if you don’t have this yet, you need it. It is excellent!” -Rachel


“I have been reading your ebook, “Say What You Mean in Businness”, and it is so enlightening! I still have 31 pages to go.

I’m happy to say that I have already been doing some of the things you suggest, but there are so many more things that I need to improve on! Your ebook will help me get my business life (and my personal life) a lot more organized, and on track!! It’s very
down-to-earth, easy to read, and easy to understand.

Thanks so much for such a great publication! I don’t think any person that has a small business, or is thinking about starting a business, should be without it!!” -Shirley

“I got my e-book – “Say What You Mean When You’re In Business.” I can’t put it down. It’s wonderful. I have only gotten through about half of it, but I have already learned so much and am already implenting many of the suggestions into my business practices. It’s great!!! My husband also has a separate small business and he’s been reading it too. I print out a couple of chapters…I read it…then pass it on to him and he reads it.

Thanks again Jo Jo.”

Brenda’s County Gift Shoppe

“I have to crow…. about JoJo and her products! I have gotten everything she has, but the new eStoryBook is fabulous! I have 2 …one for my son and one for our little neighbor girl. Thanks JoJo!” -Jill


Hi JoJo,
My husband came home for lunch today and we had a chance to talk about our older boys homeschooling writing. He is very impressed on how they are improving.

I want to thank you because we are working our speach and english together I know it is your program that is helping them write what they mean:) I want to thank you for all your hard work that you have put into this curriculm.

Thank you and God Bless your endeavors“.
Debbie Hegeman


“You have written an excellent manual on communication, great course of study!” -Erik and Marian Soderholm, MA, LD Specialists


“This is not simply a public speaking course, but it is structured to teach total communication. I wish I had known some of these skills when I was in school. Nothing is left out from how to speak to each audience (including interviewers, interviewees) to how to listen to others. What a complete and thorough resource that will help to prepare your junior/senior high school student for those college interviews as well as other life experiences!” Lynn Hogan, homeschooling mother of 2, free lance writer, homeschooling consultant and editor of the Homeschooler’s Notebook.


“My daughter, Vanessa has never spoken publicly before and previously refused to. This was a wonderful chance for her to learn to do so.” -Sherrie M. Lewis


“I think your communication book needs to be a required class at schools all over the United States. I think the lack of communication skills is what causes turmoil in our lives and our relationships. I see that most children that have problems are because of a lack of being able to express what they feel and need.” -Roberta Sellers


“We’ve noticed our daughter’s interest in writing and we knew that she also had to develop her verbal skills. We were so happy when this communication class was offered. We know our daughter is enjoying it because she talks about what they do in class. We find the homework activities fun and very practical because they involve the whole family. We’re all looking forward to seeing the final project.” -Carlos and Debbie Amante


“I like the layout, the ‘plain’ language and the explanations.” -Laurie Craver

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