Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are a fact of life!

Learn to resolve them with boldness and confidence, yet tempered by grace. 

You WILL have conflicts in virtually every relationship you encounter from long-term friendships and marriages to business acquaintances and even day-to-day encounters.  It is UNAVOIDABLE and running away from them is NOT the answer!  You can learn to stand up for your rights and beliefs, yet do so in a way that preserves your relationships and your integrity as a Christian.  

Conflict resolution is a much needed skill in this technologically advanced age where cultures meet and ideologies don't always mix.  

Below are several courses that will equip you to handle conflicts of various types and in different situations.  Learn some simple, yet powerfully effective techniques to help you avoid, reduce and resolve conflicts with your children, as a consumer, debating social and political issues, sharing your ideas in a more godly way, and general conflicts you encounter with your spouse, neighbors, coworkers and friends. 

Check out all the ways in which Art of Eloquence can help you handle conflicts with boldness and grace.  Click on the links below for details on each course and to read through the free sample lessons.