Overcoming Shyness

Do not allow social anxiety to control your life (or your child's life) any longer!

You would never know it from this picture, but I was incredibly and painfully shy as a child which was particularly unfortunate as my family and I moved a LOT when I was young!  Each new school, activity, party, and event was an exercise in fear and frustration as well as loneliness!  It took me YEARS of intensive study and hair raising exercises I put myself through in order to give me the confidence and power I now have.  BUT...it didn't have to take that long and be that hard.  I just didn't know any other way at the time. YOUR CHILD doesn't have to go through all that!  You or your child can get the benefit of my experience and learn the fun and easy way!  

If you aren't shy, you may have no idea how devastating it can be for your child.  Some children work hard not to put themselves in social situations that parents often have no idea their children are shy.  You may think your son or daughter is just an introvert. Introverts are people who don't like being with a group.  Group activities drain them.  They don't have a problem and can seem outgoing when in a group, but they prefer to be one on one or alone.  

By contrast, shy people long to be able to be comfortable in social situations, but they are afraid and often lonely. In fact, their shyness may be masking an outgoing personality.  Mine did!  I now LOVE to speak in public and prefer to be in a group rather than by myself. I get energized by group activities, but I never would have known that as a kid.  

The following video was from a webinar I did a few years ago, but it aptly depicts life as a shy child and why shyness or social anxiety is so important to overcome. This is the secret life of your shy child...

Shyness or social anxiety causes:
* Low self-esteem
* Fear of speaking up and speaking their mind
* Less confidence in all areas of their lives
* Loneliness due to limiting their interaction and events
* Smaller circle of friends
* Feelings of insecurity 
* Self fulfilling prophesy: the more they isolate themselves, the worse the shyness gets and the more they resist help so the sooner you can help them the better! 

Here's what one of our customers had to say:
“I just wanted to say if you don’t have this yet, you need it. It is excellent!” -Rachel

Shyness and conflicts go hand in hand:
Shyness affects your child's relationships, friendships and later in life their marriages and careers.  Low self esteem and confidence produces more difficulty in relationships and cause conflicts which are difficult enough without the struggle of being shy.    

What you don't understand about your child's shyness will impact the rest of his/her life.  You can take away today's pain and avoid the even greater pain they will feel in the future!   

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