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Meet Krista Dunk, A Woman of Faith

I found a kindred spirit in Krista Dunk.  She and I have been Facebook friends for a while now.  I knew I’d like her the minute I saw her profile picture.  She’s wearing a purple jacket.  As I got to know her, I came to admire her faith and her mission.  I think you'll get a lot out of reading about her and how communication plays a large role in her life. 1. Please tell us a little about yourself. Thank you JoJo. I wear a lot of hats, but I'll keep this short! I am a woman of God, mother, wife, business owner, sign language worship dancer, and also an author. Life is full, and God is good. 2....

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NEW: Interview w/a Communicator

We have a new feature here on Communication FUNdamentals called Interview with a Communicator.  We all communicate every day of our lives and communication touches every aspect of it.  So...each week, I'm going to bring you a blog interview with someone in a different ministry, business or time of life to share with you.  Each will share the mission God has them on and how effective communication plays an important role.  We begin with a friend I met online. BeckyJoie Thombs Oakes is a “multiple hat wearer” and a free-lance writer. She spends her time volunteering to work with youth as well as lay-counseling ministries at a local Christian counseling center.  She has three sons.   She lives with her husband,...

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