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Technology and Communication for Men and Women

Here's a little bit of a funny take on communication technology for you this fine Friday Funny Day.  The following are tv commercials for Verizon and Motorolla's Droid Razr.  Notice the stark contrast in how mother/daughter and father/son react to graduation and moving away.  Here is the original Mother/Daughter commercial.  Later on, Verizon got some complaints and changed the commercial so that it didn't need subtitles.  I'm not sure what the complaint was or why the change, but in my humble opinion, the original was much funnier.  Here is the Father/Son commercial, also with subtitles.  Nobody complained there.  What do you think of the commercials?  Why do you think the original Mother's Day commercial was changed?  Why do you think the...

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"Shopping w/my daughter"

Technology can be used for good or for evil.  It can be a source of miscommunication and a reason society has been lax in learning to communicate effectively.  However, it is also a tool that may be used to aid in effective communication and strengthen relationships. So yesterday I was at Walmart with my husband and my son doing our weekly shopping and getting a few Christmas gifts on our list.  As I was coming back from sneaking a gift for my son (Shhhh! Don't tell him I told you, now!), I saw my dh on the cell phone.  It was my 19 y/o sophomore college girl who now lives 1800 miles away!  We are a tag team, my dh...

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Can you hear me now?

So the other day my dd emails me to tell me her cell phone died.  Great!  She's 1800 miles away at college with a dorm phone that doesn't call out and her brand new cell phone dies.  The good news?  It's still under warranty.  The bad news?  I can't get Verizon to tell me what I REALLY need to do to take advantage of it! Communication:  It's what customer service is made of! I'm on the phone to Verizon when they tell me to have my dd look up a Verizon store in her area and go there to see if they can repair it.  If they can't, they will tell her what to do.  Sounds simple enough, right? ...

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