"Shopping w/my daughter"

Technology can be used for good or for evil.  It can be a source of miscommunication and a reason society has been lax in learning to communicate effectively.  However, it is also a tool that may be used to aid in effective communication and strengthen relationships. So yesterday I was at Walmart with my husband and my son doing our weekly shopping and getting a few Christmas gifts on our list.  As I was coming back from sneaking a gift for my son (Shhhh! Don't tell him I told you, now!), I saw my dh on the cell phone.  It was my 19 y/o sophomore college girl who now lives 1800 miles away!  We are a tag team, my dh and I.  I handed off the Christmas gifts to him to put away in the trunk of the car and it was now my job to keep my son occupied as we continued to shop. I talked to her for about a half hour or 45 minutes as we were shopping talking about everything from her classes to her friends and what she wanted for Christmas.  It was almost like she was right there with me at Walmart.  I passed the phone to my son who got a chance to tell her all about his Young Marines troop experience in the Veteran's Day Parade that morning. Vets Day Parade 021 All in all, I think we spent an hour on the phone catching up and spending quality time communicating our love and building our relationships.  (A big thank you to Verizon's plan for allowing us to talk Verizon to Verizon without using our monthly allotment of minutes!) Life is busy and, these days, our loved ones can live so far away; but technology can be a huge blessing to those who use it wisely. A reminder from your friends at Art of Eloquence.com!


  • Mike

    It’s so nice you all had a chance to talk with her for so long.

  • jojosblog

    Thanks Kimberly and Judy. We are so grateful for things like cell phones and email and Facebook to keep in touch with our precious dd while she is away at college. It’s been an amazing thing to be able to talk as if she were right here.

    She comes home in about two weeks for Thanksgiving and we all just cannot wait.

    May technology bring you and your family closer as well!

  • Judy

    Technology has made an easy way for us to be in touch with those who are far away. I remember the days when a long distance call was very pricy if you talked for very long. Now we can communicate by phone, email, text messaging or even facebook. We can watch the loved one on video and hear their voice. If there is anything good that has come from cell phones and a personal computer in every home, this is it. I love Technology and wish all of this had been around when I was younger. :)

  • Kimberly

    How sweet! Communication binds a family, and clearly your family communicates well. I’m so impressed that your daughter wants to spend that much time talking with her parents and her little brother.
    You’re story is encouraging!

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