Technology and Communication for Men and Women

Here's a little bit of a funny take on communication technology for you this fine Friday Funny Day.  The following are tv commercials for Verizon and Motorolla's Droid Razr.  Notice the stark contrast in how mother/daughter and father/son react to graduation and moving away.  Here is the original Mother/Daughter commercial.  Later on, Verizon got some complaints and changed the commercial so that it didn't need subtitles.  I'm not sure what the complaint was or why the change, but in my humble opinion, the original was much funnier.  Here is the Father/Son commercial, also with subtitles.  Nobody complained there.  What do you think of the commercials?  Why do you think the original Mother's Day commercial was changed?  Why do you think the Father/Son commercial was not offensive to anyone?  Share your thoughts. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ If you liked this post, read…Seven Reasons Why YOU Should Sign Up for the Art of Eloquence Newsletter


  • Carla

    I agree with PondDweller! It’s anti-PC to be weepy about your kidlet leaving home. You’re supposed to “man up” and deal with it. . . as shown in the father/son commercial. The father/son commercial doesn’t show too much emotion. . . unless you consider the subtitles, supposedly from their texts. I think weepy women are just bad business today.

  • PondDweller

    Being sloppy emotional & a woman is considered embarrassingly weak because it sooooo goes against the PC feminist rule book. They re-shot the women’s commercial to take the sloppy edge off it. The father/son commercial showed 2 guys “manning up” & that is waaaaaay cool, plus it’s honest because that’s how many men are AMIRIGHT???

  • Art of Eloquence

    Yes I agree. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Free Learning Life

    I think commercials in general assume the general public are all idiots. These are no different.

    Personally I find the dad commercial more offensive because it insinuates that men can’t talk about their feelings. Not saying ‘mushy’ things doesn’t make you ‘manly’

    A real man can express emotion and has a vocabulary big enough to use words instead of grunts and nudges to communicate with his children.

  • Art of Eloquence

    I think you both have it right. I thought the original woman’s and the man’s one were funny. The second one they shot of the women wasn’t funny at all.

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