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What You Need to Understand About Millennial Communication

Millennials are the subject of a recent communication study and they are setting a new tone for communication in 2019.  So, what does this mean exactly?   According to a article in 2017, when we're talking about "'millennial' communication preferences, we’re really talking about the future of workplace communication overall."  This means that it's vital we understand how they prefer to communicate as this will be the norm in a short time.  It comes as no surprise that Millennials tend to shy away from phone calls, yet 68% of them text on a daily basis.  Texting is the preferred format, especially when an immediate response is needed. However, they have not totally abandoned emailing when a longer and less pressing...

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Effective Email Pt 5-Sig line

If you are just joining this article series, here is a quick recap.  Email has become a common form of communication in recent years, but so much of it is misunderstood that there are more communication issues with this form than there are with all the other forms put together.  So much of how we communicate face-to-face is received through body language, facial expression and tone of voice.  This is all lost in an email where we have to rely only on the words we choose.  So far I shared about the importance of choosing a good email address, your subject line and given you some tips for a more effective body of text in two parts. Today I'd like...

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