What You Need to Understand About Millennial Communication

Millennials are the subject of a recent communication study and they are setting a new tone for communication in 2019.  So, what does this mean exactly? 

 According to a Forbes.com article in 2017, when we're talking about "'millennial' communication preferences, we’re really talking about the future of workplace communication overall."  This means that it's vital we understand how they prefer to communicate as this will be the norm in a short time. 

It comes as no surprise that Millennials tend to shy away from phone calls, yet 68% of them text on a daily basis.  Texting is the preferred format, especially when an immediate response is needed. However, they have not totally abandoned emailing when a longer and less pressing matter needs to be discussed.  Millennials tend to check their phones for text beeps many times during the daylight hours and only view their emails at night or on weekends.  

Another trend in Millennial communication is that they tend toward informality using emojis as well as more casual terms.  This is often continued through to their business emails as well.  

A September 2018 article on Time.com, cited a study that predicts the decline of face-to-face communication stating, "Most teens now say their favorite mode of communication is texting (35%), according to a new survey released Monday from Common Sense, a children’s and media advocacy organization. Compared to 2012, much higher proportions selected social media (16%) and video chatting (10%), while less than one third said they prefer chatting with friends face-to-face.

While there has been some controversy about social media having a negative impact on the younger generation, a recent study reports, "Even the most depressed teens are likely to say that social media makes them feel better." A larger percentage of teens are on social media these days as well.  

What does this mean for us older folk? Millennials are the future and they embrace communication technology. So whether or not YOU embrace texting and emailing, it had better be something that is on your radar if you intend to march into the future with them! 

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