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When to be "Specifically General"

On Monday, I talked about the need to be specific, even oddly specific.  Today, I'd like to talk about when it's necessary to be "specifically general."  While being specific can help you avoid confusion and frustration, being general has the advantage of not ruffling feathers and allowing you not to discuss personal issues if you don't want to. 1. Say you get a phone call from a distant relative asking you to fill her in on all the details of a personal family matter.  She is not directly involved and is just being nosy.  You don't want to give her any details, but you feel trapped as she has you on the phone.  What do you do?  There is no...

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When to be "Oddly Specific"

Welcome back to "Other than Speech Month" here at Communication FUNdamentals.   All this month, I've been talking about how important communication is for things other than speech making.   So far this month, I've talked about spam, how babies actually cry with an accent, overactive exclamatory punctuation and leadership.  This week, I'd like to talk about when it's important to be "oddly specific" and "specifically general."  I'll talk about the latter on Wednesday, but today, let's get specific. Most of the time, being specific helps avoid confusion. 1. Telling someone you'll meet them in the morning leaves them unsure if they should be at Starbucks at 7am or 11am.  Further, it causes them to have to reconnect with you prior...

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Stuff and Things

Continuing with Nostalgia Week, I thought I'd bring you this old fashioned market.  Take note of exactly what they sell. see more Oddly Specific Back in the Good Old Days, they had General Stores! I guess they didn't sell anything specific, just "stuff and things."  lol This store has a "general" message, but please leave a "specific" comment! lol

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