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Stuff and Things

Continuing with Nostalgia Week, I thought I'd bring you this old fashioned market.  Take note of exactly what they sell. see more Oddly Specific Back in the Good Old Days, they had General Stores! I guess they didn't sell anything specific, just "stuff and things."  lol This store has a "general" message, but please leave a "specific" comment! lol

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Nostalgia Week: Ten Quick Rules for Disagreeing in Grace

It's Nostalgia Week here on Communication FUNdamentals.   Art of Eloquence will be eight years old in just a few days.  Looking back at how I started out, I began reminiscing about the "Good Old Days." Remember when manners were in style?  When parents taught us that if we didn't have anything nice to say, we shouldn't say anything at all?  Remember when saying "please" and "thank you" was not just nice, but customary?  Remember when strangers were kind and we could...disagree in grace? 10 Quick Rules for Disagreeing in Grace By JoJo Tabares So how should we object?  What's the best way to disagree?  How can we voice our opposition when someone presents us with something that goes against what...

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