Stuff and Things

Continuing with Nostalgia Week, I thought I'd bring you this old fashioned market.  Take note of exactly what they sell. Funny Signs - Wow, Thanks For The Hint About What You Offer... see more Oddly Specific Back in the Good Old Days, they had General Stores! I guess they didn't sell anything specific, just "stuff and things."  lol This store has a "general" message, but please leave a "specific" comment! lol


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  • jojosblog

    I love your stuff and things, Carla!

    Cindy, I feel that way too. Love the small town feel of this.

    Kimery, that’s soooo cute! Stuff things! LOL My dd did that too. In fact, there are a bunch of things stuffed under her bed right now and she’s in Russia! lol

  • Kimery

    At our house, our children live by that model, except the “and”. It’s how they “clean”!

  • cindy holman

    I LOVE stores like this! Reminds me of living in a small town – something I just adore!

  • Carla

    That’s cute! When I was very little, we used to visit the “Five and Dime” store. I knew they sold lots of stuff ’cuz I was fascinated every time we went in there, but I kept looking for the counter where they sold the dimes. I think it took me the better part of a year to realize my pennies would NOT be traded in for dimes. ROFLOL

    As for this place, I want no more stuff and I certainly don’t want more things. More than enough already! However, if you would like to purchase some stuff and things at a really good price, call me. :)

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