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When to be "Oddly Specific"

Welcome back to "Other than Speech Month" here at Communication FUNdamentals.   All this month, I've been talking about how important communication is for things other than speech making.   So far this month, I've talked about spam, how babies actually cry with an accent, overactive exclamatory punctuation and leadership.  This week, I'd like to talk about when it's important to be "oddly specific" and "specifically general."  I'll talk about the latter on Wednesday, but today, let's get specific. Most of the time, being specific helps avoid confusion. 1. Telling someone you'll meet them in the morning leaves them unsure if they should be at Starbucks at 7am or 11am.  Further, it causes them to have to reconnect with you prior...

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Feb Seminars and Interviews

I have several interviews and seminars coming up this month. Check out the links for more info on how to join in. Some are live, but the second one (Homeschooler Next Door) has been pre-recorded and will air that day. CWAHM Radio: Feb 17th 1PM EST (Christian Work at Home Mom Radio) The Homeschooler Next Door: Airing Feb 17th 3pm February Seminar: 02/24/2011 11:00 AM EST Communication: Much More Than Just Speech-Making Join me for some insights into how effective communication can help YOU in your business, homeschooling and every day life! x *SUBSCRIBE HERE*: for More Communication Fun, FREE Gifts and Exclusive Offers! X

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Are you a reluctant wahm?

Many of you may remember that last year my editor and dear friend, Carla Ives, and I were co hosting a weekly podcast on TalkShoe.  Well, Carla had some family issues that required her attention so she had to leave the show and most of her online presence for a while.  Well, you can't keep a brilliant woman down!  She's back with a new venture to add to her repertoire!  It's called The Reluctant and it is brand spankin' new! The site is only a few days old and it already has some wonderful articles for work at home moms who are either reluctant to have to work from home (are more used to or prefer working in a...

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