Are you a reluctant wahm?

Many of you may remember that last year my editor and dear friend, Carla Ives, and I were co hosting a weekly podcast on TalkShoe.  Well, Carla had some family issues that required her attention so she had to leave the show and most of her online presence for a while.  Well, you can't keep a brilliant woman down!  She's back with a new venture to add to her repertoire!  It's called The Reluctant and it is brand spankin' new! The site is only a few days old and it already has some wonderful articles for work at home moms who are either reluctant to have to work from home (are more used to or prefer working in a corporate environment) or , if it weren't for the economy, would rather not have to work at all.  It's a fabulous resource for all work at home moms and homeschooling moms who are working a bit to help dh with the family budget.  Carla is a wealth of information and she has a huge heart to help others. Well, this morning I was indeed humbled and blessed to find a glowing post on her site about my work and Art of Eloquence.  I just colored my hair today so I don't know which is more red, my hair or my face!  Though she is a tough and nitpicky editor, she is very generous with her praise and I am truly honored by her words. Please visit her site and leave a comment welcoming her back to the internet after such a long absence and so many difficult situations in her life, some of which she is still contending with. Thank you my dear, sweet friend!


  • jojosblog

    Oh how exciting, Carla!

  • Carla

    Aw, gee, thanks, ma’am. . . yer makin’ me blush! :) Writing that shameless plug for you was a true joy for me! I have missed my online friends and to come home to my email tonight and find a whole bunch of comments from names I knew. . . well, gave me warm fuzzies, I tell ya! Can’t wait to get connected again. That’s next week’s goal, getting back on FB and maybe Twitter. Watch out, ladies. . . I’m going to be looking for WAHMs to interview in the upcoming weeks!

  • jojosblog

    I just adore her and we always have such fun together. I wish we lived closer. Wish you and I did as well. Oh to be closer to my sweet internet friends.

  • cindy holman

    It’s SO nice to have Carla back – love reading her ramblings and hearing her authenticity in her writings!

  • Cathi-Lyn Dyck

    JoJo, this sounds like a must-look site for me…thanks for posting it.

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