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Conversational ADD: What YOU Need to Know!

It’s one of the most pervasive and dangerous habits in America today and it's destroying your relationships! You see it all the time, but you probably never thought much about it. It's, unfortunately, at work in oral, face-to-face conversations and written exchanges over social media, text and email.  I call it Conversational ADD.  Here are a few examples:  Mary posts on Facebook asking for help for problem X only to have Jane give her solutions for problem B.  Jane didn't read Mary's entire post and assumed she knew what it was about. After the confusing exchange gets heated, Jane unfriend's Mary after six years of treasured friendship.  Tom emails a company to report some problems with his product (or service) and receives...

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I bet you won't read this!

It's not as much a lack of training these days that gives way to communication issues; it's currently a lack of interest! I'd be willing to bet that 95% of the people who see this article (or any other article or blog post, or Facebook post or get the picture) will just scroll past it without giving it a second thought.  I'd be willing to go one step further and say that almost the same amount of people will do so even if the topic is of great interest.  I'd also be willing to bet that at least 75% of people don't take the time to really listen when a friend or family member speaks and that about the...

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There's No "Busy-ness" Like Slow Business!

There's No "Busy-ness" Like Slow Business! By JoJo Tabares If you have ever been on the receiving end of the kind of  communication where you felt nobody took the time to listen to you, you might be tempted to utter this common phrase: "You're so broke you can't pay attention." Even before the bottom fell out of the economy, people were busy.  The culture of life has changed in the last hundred years from those close-knit families who spent time with their friends and neighbors eating home-cooked meals prepared by moms who spent hours with their daughters cooking and learning together.  In the modern world, moms work either away from home or from home.  We don't have time to spend...

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