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Conversational ADD: What YOU Need to Know!

It’s one of the most pervasive and dangerous habits in America today and it's destroying your relationships! You see it all the time, but you probably never thought much about it. It's, unfortunately, at work in oral, face-to-face conversations and written exchanges over social media, text and email.  I call it Conversational ADD.  Here are a few examples:  Mary posts on Facebook asking for help for problem X only to have Jane give her solutions for problem B.  Jane didn't read Mary's entire post and assumed she knew what it was about. After the confusing exchange gets heated, Jane unfriend's Mary after six years of treasured friendship.  Tom emails a company to report some problems with his product (or service) and receives...

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Nine Ways to Listen

Nine Ways to Listen By JoJo Tabares Listening is the most important communication skill.  It's rule #1 in JoJo's Communication Handbook.   Listening is so important because it allows us to understand our audience which aids us in tailoring our message to them.  Listening helps us know when someone has misunderstood us, is angry with us, or is confused.  Listening to others is a gift we give them as they have a chance to communicate what is important to them. People have asked me HOW?  How do we listen, really listen to others?  What do we listen for?  Listening may sound easy, but it's actually a very complicated skill and it's essential for ANY relationship.  It could be an entire book because listening is more...

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