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Vote for Long or Short Ad Copy

The 5th Deadly Communication Sin of Advertising is... Loooooooooong Sales Copy There is a controversy over this among the marketing gurus out there, but in my humble opinion, long sales copy only sells to men and, then, only when they are deeply interested in that subject. If you market to women, keep it brief! Most women are busy wearing many hats: wife, mother, housekeeper, baby sitter, teacher, medic, career woman... Most of the women I survey say that they don't have the time to read long, hype-y sales copy that doesn't reveal what they are selling until the very end. Most women like short and sweet ads that grab their attention and give them a way to find more information...

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Pssst! Wanna get married?

This week, I'm talking about Facebook Faux Pas.  Communication on Facebook is often seen as somehow different from communication elsewhere so things are regularly done (said) over Facebook that would NEVER be tolerated in person. On Wednesday, I told you about the issue of adding people to Facebook groups without asking their permission or gaining their consent.  Today is about dating. Over the weekend, I received another in a series of Facebook messages about dating.  (No, this picture is not him, though I sincerely doubt the picture he has posted on his Facebook wall is him either.)  Shockingly, this guy didn't just ask me if I liked Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.  After telling me a bit...

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