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Cone of Silence

Have you subscribed to Communication FUNdamentals’ RSS Feed?  Don’t miss a post! x On Monday I talked about the circumstances under which we need to remain silent.  On Wednesday, I shared just how to do so.  Today, I'd like to show you what happens when you need to maintain silence, but cannot find a way to do it.  Enjoy this Friday Funny You Tube video clip from the old TV show, Get Smart, starring Don Adams.  Here now is the Cone of Silence. *SUBSCRIBE HERE*: For Even More Communication Fun, FREE Gifts and Exclusive Offers! x

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The Case for Wrinkles

At the end of a long, joyous, productive, meaningful life, what will people see when they look into your face?  WRINKLES!   And they won't be thinking, "That face shows a joyous, productive, meaningful life" either.  They'll be thinking, "Boy is that woman OLD!"  Well, I'd like to change all that and I'm asking for your help. It's important to use your communication skills to change the world around you for the better.  Why start with wrinkles?  Well, I've written articles about grace in politics and faith before, but it struck me that I never did start at the beginning.  In order to start a movement for world grace, I think it needs to begin with something more universal and easier...

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