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Vote: Your favorite article of 2010

Over the last year, I've written tons of articles for the blog.  Here is a very short list.  I'd love to hear which ones are your favorites and why.  You never know if these articles will be expanded to a full eBook in the future!  ;D 1. The Case for Wrinkles 2. Ten Terrific Tips for a Less Trying Tongue 3. What Kind of Communication is Most Confusing to You? 4. You Might be a Skimmer... 5. Nitpicker's Anonymous 6. Weasel Words 7. How to Win Facebook Friends and Influence Tweeple We'd love your feedback!  Won't you cut in on the blog spammers and give us your thoughts?  LOL

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The Case for Wrinkles

At the end of a long, joyous, productive, meaningful life, what will people see when they look into your face?  WRINKLES!   And they won't be thinking, "That face shows a joyous, productive, meaningful life" either.  They'll be thinking, "Boy is that woman OLD!"  Well, I'd like to change all that and I'm asking for your help. It's important to use your communication skills to change the world around you for the better.  Why start with wrinkles?  Well, I've written articles about grace in politics and faith before, but it struck me that I never did start at the beginning.  In order to start a movement for world grace, I think it needs to begin with something more universal and easier...

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