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The Death of Customer Service and How YOUR Small Business Can Benefit From It

Last month I talked about Six Ways You Can Demand Better Customer Service as a customer.  Today I'd like to share with you how the death of customer service nationwide actually benefits YOUR business.  It's actually quite simple because the bar has been set so low.   Most Americans' expectations of customer service these days is that it will be a long and frustrating process that will end with little to no satisfaction to show for it.  Here's how that works in YOUR FAVOR:1. Unless your company blows it BIG TIME, most people won't take the time to complain. Customers are so tired of expending energy, and they are so busy that they are reluctant even to try unless they deem it...

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Thank you for shopping with us?!

It amazes me how so few people think learning to communicate effectively is important.  Today's society says we have free speech and should feel emboldened to say whatever we feel, but so few seek to speak in a way that minimizes errors for the recipient or takes seriously the consequences and responsibility.  Case in point: My sister works at a retail store.  A few months ago a truck drove off the road and through their store window hurting a patron.  The customer was wheel chair bound, but only received a cut on her leg due to the accident.  She was lucky.  However, the saleswoman on the floor that day who escourted her to the ambulance said her goodbyes in a...

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Business Communication Seminar Today

If' you're a Christian working a small business, you need to join me this morning! You may not realize it, but almost every aspect of your business involves communication skills. The more effective you are, the more success you'll have in your business. Jill Hart of CWAHM and a sampling of Christian Work at Home Moms join me this morning (9am PST/12pm EST)  to share tips and techniques for better communication with your customers, co workers, suppliers, employees and more.  We'll discuss tips for customer service, sales, marketing, your blog, website, dealing with co workers, social networking like Yahoo groups, Facebook and Twitter. Join us via your computer: Or call in to the show: Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Call...

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