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The Dangers of Smart Phone Obsession

Last week, I reprinted an article I wrote a while back on the Influence of Texting because technology has long been eating away at our effective communication skills.   Technology is a wonderful thing in moderation or as a tool, but not only has it been eroding our face-to-face communication skills, it has also been replacing our real life relationships! How many times have you seen someone on their phone while driving, shopping, or even at a party? Ignoring real people while playing games or texting on a phone has become such a *thing* that I recently saw a photograph on Facebook of a sign on a day care center. It told parents to get off their phone and pay attention...

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The Influence of Texting

This month, I'd like to share my thoughts on the dangers of smart phone obsession and how it affects our relationships, but in order to fully understand that article which I'll share next week, I'd like to first draw your attention to an article I wrote several years back on the influence of texting on communication.   Texting, emailing, and easy access to various forms of electronic media are a handy tool in the technological age.  However, in my experience, it has become more than a tool to most and has greatly degraded the effectiveness of modern society's communication.  In addition, it has produced a people who are less concerned with truth than convenience and more concerned with being connected than making...

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