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Interview with a Communicator

 Effective communication skills are important for everyone every day.  Interview with a Communicator is a column I used to have here on Art of Eloquence many years ago to share how that works in the lives of different people around the world.  Here is a recent interview I did with a Facebook friend, Tanya Art.  Tanya leads a support group on Facebook she started three years ago. She encourages others, like herself, who deal with Fibromyalgia.  She is an encouragement to others she calls Fibro Warriors.  I find that most people think of communication only in terms of formal speech and debate so I asked Tanya what role does speech and debate play in her everyday life.  I don't do a...

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Facebook Fan Monthly Specials

New!  Art of Eloquence is introducing a brand new monthly event, but JUST for our Facebook Fans!  Each month we will be offering one of our most popular communication studies for LESS THAN $6.  Some will be offered for LESS THAN $2!   Here's how it works:  1. "Like" us on Facebook and keep watch daily for our monthly announcement! (Picture featured here above). 2. Purchase as usual using the coupon code provided in that post for that Art of Eloquence title which is to be our featured AoE Facebook Fan page special.   That's it!  But remember:  * These special offers are ONLY for our Facebook Fans! * The coupon code, date of offer, and specific title will ONLY be...

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The Dangers of Smart Phone Obsession

Last week, I reprinted an article I wrote a while back on the Influence of Texting because technology has long been eating away at our effective communication skills.   Technology is a wonderful thing in moderation or as a tool, but not only has it been eroding our face-to-face communication skills, it has also been replacing our real life relationships! How many times have you seen someone on their phone while driving, shopping, or even at a party? Ignoring real people while playing games or texting on a phone has become such a *thing* that I recently saw a photograph on Facebook of a sign on a day care center. It told parents to get off their phone and pay attention...

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