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The Influence of Texting

This month, I'd like to share my thoughts on the dangers of smart phone obsession and how it affects our relationships, but in order to fully understand that article which I'll share next week, I'd like to first draw your attention to an article I wrote several years back on the influence of texting on communication.   Texting, emailing, and easy access to various forms of electronic media are a handy tool in the technological age.  However, in my experience, it has become more than a tool to most and has greatly degraded the effectiveness of modern society's communication.  In addition, it has produced a people who are less concerned with truth than convenience and more concerned with being connected than making...

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Influence of Texting on Communication Skills

Communication FUNdamentals continues its celebration of Effective Communication Month!  Last week we looked at the history of communication technology.  Today, I'd like to talk about how that change in communication can affect the quality of our communication. The Influence of Texting on Effective Communication Skills By JoJo Tabares   “Nd U 2 gt rpt 2me by fri5. Bob” Can you imagine receiving this email from a high level manager at a major corporation?  What would you think of the company who sent this to you, their customer?  If you think this is a an exaggeration, guess again!    Many researchers believe that texting and email have contributed to the drastic decrease in effective communication skills of this generation.  In this...

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