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Did you really want to DO that on Facebook?

A while back, I posted, Did you really want to say THAT on Facebook? so when an obscure Facebook "friend" posted this on my wall, the idea for Did you really want to DO that on Facebook? was birthed. It happens occasionally on Facebook.  I call it the I've Got a Christian Cause so the Ends Justifies the Means Disease.  This is where people send you a friend request and then never interact with you.  They never reply to or "like" any of your posts, never answer when you post on theirs, never post on your wall UNTIL...they begin asking for help with their ministry/business. I don't mind if, once in a while, one of my Facebook friends lets me know...

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The Type is Ripe with Hype!

It's Dr. Seuss' Birthday today!  To celebrate (and continue discussing “12 Deadly Communication Sins of Advertising"), let's talk about how advertisers can sound a lot like Dr. Seuss wannabees!  It happens when marketing begins to hype it up.  Here's the excerpt from the article on hype: "Error #2. Hype it Up Today's consumer is very savvy! People can spot hype a mile away-unless it is their own! Too much glitz and glam can make your company, product or service sound too good to be true. Just as I began writing this article, I got a phone call from a salesman who told me that I had been chosen to win a free computer, $1000 shopping spree to some website I...

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