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Give Christ a CHRISTmas gift this year!

This CHRISTmas, why not give Jesus a gift?  Something He has asked of us.  Something that adds to the kingdom of God.  This CHRISTmas, give Him the gift of boldly, graciously, and effectively sharing the Gospel with others. If we are commanded to share the Gospel, why is it that so many Christians don't? 1. They don't know what to say. 2. They don't know how to say it. 3. They are afraid they won't be able to handle the consequences. 4. Or they are too bold or lacking in grace when they share bringing about unintentional consequences for both the one sharing and the one who is being ministered to.  But it doesn't have to be this way! Art...

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Why We Can't Put Off The Great Commission

Ever try to share your faith with someone where the discussion turned from conversation to confrontation?  Has that experience made you feel more uncomfortable about sharing your faith in general even though you know the Lord commands us to do so in love?  Have you felt the Lord tugging at your heart to share the Gospel with someone, but your head is tugging back because you don't know how?  Do you know someone who is on fire for Jesus, but their approach more closely resembles hitting their "target" over the head with the King James Bible?  What if I told you that sharing your faith can be as easy as having a conversation with a friend? Cindy Rushton has asked...

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Love and Hate Mail

"If no one is accusing you of being too legalistic, then you probably aren't living a holy life. If no one is accusing you of being a 'bleeding heart', then you probably aren't loving enough. If no one is accusing you of being too dogmatic, then you probably aren't standing for the truth. If no one is accusing you... or criticizing probably aren't doing anything significant." -- Israel Wayne This was posted on Facebook yesterday and it got me thinking, as many of the things Israel says often do.  It was very timely for me as I thought back to some of the events of the past several years writing for Art of Eloquence, various Christian and homeschool magazines...

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