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Why We Can't Put Off The Great Commission

Ever try to share your faith with someone where the discussion turned from conversation to confrontation?  Has that experience made you feel more uncomfortable about sharing your faith in general even though you know the Lord commands us to do so in love?  Have you felt the Lord tugging at your heart to share the Gospel with someone, but your head is tugging back because you don't know how?  Do you know someone who is on fire for Jesus, but their approach more closely resembles hitting their "target" over the head with the King James Bible?  What if I told you that sharing your faith can be as easy as having a conversation with a friend? Cindy Rushton has asked...

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Christians: You need to be on this call tomorrow morning!

Say What You Mean Defending the Faith is the most important communication study I have ever written.  Having grown up in an Atheist home (of Jewish decent), I have a unique insight into what unbelievers need to hear about the Lord.  It's not just about what to say but how we say it: respectfully and in grace. Also that we fully answer the questions they have one on one and not with a one-size-fits-all line or tract. All this month on Grace Talk Soup, Carla and I have been sharing tips for answering four of the most common questions and misconceptions the world has about Jesus.  You can go back in the past show audios to listen to the past...

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