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Take the time to communicate

It's Phone Week!  Saturday is the anniversary of the first telephone call so we are celebrating communication, the phone and technology this week here at the Communication FUNdamentals blog! Today's world is much more fast-paced than it was when I was a kid.  I remember sitting on the porch with my friends, playing kickball in the street, gathering together on the corner to walk to the candy store and spend the afternoon.  Now we rush from activity to activity…do not pass Go…do not collect $200! We want to do so much in such a small amount of time so we rush through things and don’t really understand them.  We read part of a comment on Facebook.  We think of what we are going...

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It's Dr. Seuss Week

Dr. Seuss' birthday is this Friday.  He would have been 108 years old.  As many of us did, I grew up with Dr. Seuss books and so did my children.  They were a fun way for kids to want to learn to read.  They had two of the things kids love most: rhyme and nonsense.  Silly words with silly pictures, odd situations and strange creatures enticed us all. This week on the Art of Eloquence Communication FUNdamental's blog, we will be celebrating silliness and creative play that fosters better education (specifically communication) and remembering Dr. Seuss. Part of the reason Dr. Seuss was so effective was because he included humor and creative play into the learning process, an idea Art of Eloquence...

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