It's Dr. Seuss Week

Dr. Seuss' birthday is this Friday.  He would have been 108 years old.  As many of us did, I grew up with Dr. Seuss books and so did my children.  They were a fun way for kids to want to learn to read.  They had two of the things kids love most: rhyme and nonsense.  Silly words with silly pictures, odd situations and strange creatures enticed us all. This week on the Art of Eloquence Communication FUNdamental's blog, we will be celebrating silliness and creative play that fosters better education (specifically communication) and remembering Dr. Seuss. Part of the reason Dr. Seuss was so effective was because he included humor and creative play into the learning process, an idea Art of Eloquence incorporates into its communication studies.  Almost all of my articles use humor.  Some share how humor is important to communication.  One article shares how to use creative play to teach communication skills.  Check them out and have some fun learning the Communication FUNdamentals of the Art of Eloquence! Join us on Facebook for even more Communication FUNdamentals throughout the week! If you liked this post, please subscribe to our RSS feed and share the link…  


  • JoJo

    I think so too. LOVE Dr. Seuss!

  • Carla

    Oh, he’s my all-time favorite! I still read Dr. Seuss books when I want to feel better. I remember when the Cat in the Hat came out and it was banned in my school as being too “silly.” LOL It was written as a reading textbook, too! My fave is The Lorax. . . not the current movie, but the book I read in high school. I think the one I loved but did too much of was Green Eggs and Ham. My little sister was a tot when that came out and it was her favorite so I read it over and over and over and OVER until I could recite it. For my kids, I remember reading The Foot Book until I was blue! LOLOL I wish we could’ve cloned ‘ole Ted. There’s such a need for his kind of stuff in this world! Thank goodness his books will live on forever!!!!!

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