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How to Communicate Love Series Part1: Words

Saying the words is only one way that you can tell your spouse you love them, but how many times have we heard people say things when they don't really mean them?  They say talk is cheap and it is.  We allow words of hate to slip out of our mouths all to often and things are far easier said than done.  How many of us gals ever dated a guy who said they loved us, but what he really meant was he WANTED to? Unless the other party really feels your love for them, these words are almost meaningless.  Ever have a fight with your brother after which your mother made you say you were sorry?  You said the...

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Take the time to communicate

It's Phone Week!  Saturday is the anniversary of the first telephone call so we are celebrating communication, the phone and technology this week here at the Communication FUNdamentals blog! Today's world is much more fast-paced than it was when I was a kid.  I remember sitting on the porch with my friends, playing kickball in the street, gathering together on the corner to walk to the candy store and spend the afternoon.  Now we rush from activity to activity…do not pass Go…do not collect $200! We want to do so much in such a small amount of time so we rush through things and don’t really understand them.  We read part of a comment on Facebook.  We think of what we are going...

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Effective Email (part one)

Communication has evolved a great deal in the technological age.  I've talked about what kinds of communication are best for various situations, I've pointed out the pitfalls of different forms of communication and I've discussed how they each have been misused.  This week, I'd like to begin a brand new series of articles that will share the details of writing an effective email. Email is a form of communication that most people use and are familiar with, but as JoJoism#20 states, "Do not mistake speaking for communicating.  One involves an ability and the other mastery."  The same concept is just as true of the informal written word called email.  Just because we do something often, doesn't mean we do it...

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