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Big Whopper Liar Day

Today is Big Whopper Liar Day.  Do they really need a day in which to celebrate lies?  Is deception something we should aspire to?  I don't think so. One of my pet peeves is glorifying destructive ideas and terms. This is one of the reasons I am so against practical jokes.  I know some say it's all in good fun, but I've seen too many practical jokes gone bad with some gruesome or devastating consequences. Why does society glorify deception?  Sometimes people respect the skill required to pull off a practical joke.  Other times it's the ability to get out of a sticky situation. In some cases, they are called little white lies.  In others, they are called fibs.  Most...

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National Punctuation Day

Today is National Punctuation Day! To celebrate punctuation on this fine Friday Funny day, I've been searching for the funniest picture, joke or YouTube video I could find. I kept coming back to Victor Borge. I've posted Phonetic Punctuation before on Communication FUNdamentals, but this is a different version and the biggest belly laugh I could provide you on this fine, fun, and completely fabulous day! So without any further ado, I give you-- Happy "National Punctuation Day!" . , ; - ~ ? " o/" !

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