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Dear God, about being old...

Last week, I turned 48 and began receiving all manner of old folk's emails and videos, as well as mailers from AARP, The Scooter Store, and Hoverround! This is Mary Maxwell, 72 y/o new client of a program called Home Instead, giving the invocation at a dinner.  Her prayer is delivered with such comedic talent, I had to post it here. It's over 7 minutes, but well worth your time! I admire her attitude and comedic timing as well as her deadpan facial expressions which make the delivery of such timeless humor a joy to watch.

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What is old?

Today is Word Wednesday here on Communication FUNdamentals and it's also my birthday!  According to my kids, I'm old.  In fact, my dd has been calling me ancient since she was about 3yrs old.  She's now 20, I'm currently celebrating the 30th anniversary of my 18th birthday and you can do the math on that one! Old is another one of those words that has been misused in my, perhaps seasoned, opinion.  I mean, what is old anyway?  If you ask a 3 y/o what old is, she'll probably say twenty.  If you ask a 20 y/o, she'll probably say 30.  If you ask a 48 y/o she'll probably say, "Hey! Are you calling me old?!"  Besides, what is an...

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