National Punctuation Day

Today is National Punctuation Day! To celebrate punctuation on this fine Friday Funny day, I've been searching for the funniest picture, joke or YouTube video I could find. I kept coming back to Victor Borge. I've posted Phonetic Punctuation before on Communication FUNdamentals, but this is a different version and the biggest belly laugh I could provide you on this fine, fun, and completely fabulous day! So without any further ado, I give you-- Happy "National Punctuation Day!" . , ; - ~ ? " o/" !


  • Wear the purple

    I LOVE Victor Borge! I remember this one from way back. Thanks for sharing, JoJo.

  • jojosblog

    You are all very welcome! Glad to bring a little giggle to your Friday!

  • BeckyJoie

    You always post the mother and grandmother of all funnies. Thanks for the chuckle.

  • National Punctuation Day

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  • cindy holman

    I remember seeing some of his videos YEARS ago – he’s amazing!!

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