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HS Article #6: Good Questions

Each Monday, I've been sharing the most effective ways to answer some of the common questions homeschoolers are asked.  I have already discussed five issues: why, legality, socialization, education and extra curricular activities.  I only have two more issues I want to address and this week's issue is good questions. There are many good questions to ask yourself when you are thinking about home education so it is only logical that others who are unfamiliar with homeschooling would ask them too!  We've already discussed socialization and what options are open to homeschoolers for activities.  Here are a few more.  Answering these questions is pretty straight forward.  As Sargent Friday used to say, "Just the facts, Ma'am." 1. How much does...

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Can you hear me now?

So the other day my dd emails me to tell me her cell phone died.  Great!  She's 1800 miles away at college with a dorm phone that doesn't call out and her brand new cell phone dies.  The good news?  It's still under warranty.  The bad news?  I can't get Verizon to tell me what I REALLY need to do to take advantage of it! Communication:  It's what customer service is made of! I'm on the phone to Verizon when they tell me to have my dd look up a Verizon store in her area and go there to see if they can repair it.  If they can't, they will tell her what to do.  Sounds simple enough, right? ...

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Last day with my daughter

It's been a wonderfully precious summer having my college girl home these last few months, but alas, it's coming to an end.  It's difficult to give her up once more now that I have become accustomed to her being home again.  They grow up so fast.  It seems there is hardly time to know them as adults before they are off to college 1800 miles away.  She may have internships the next two summers and will be an exchange student in Russia for a semester next year so I don't know how much time we will get to spend with her these next two years. My advice to any mom, homeschooling or not, is to cherish and treasure your time...

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