Last day with my daughter

It's been a wonderfully precious summer having my college girl home these last few months, but alas, it's coming to an end.  It's difficult to give her up once more now that I have become accustomed to her being home again.  They grow up so fast.  It seems there is hardly time to know them as adults before they are off to college 1800 miles away.  She may have internships the next two summers and will be an exchange student in Russia for a semester next year so I don't know how much time we will get to spend with her these next two years. My advice to any mom, homeschooling or not, is to cherish and treasure your time with them while you can.  Don't miss out on a conversation.  Don't pass up a single hug.  Don't let a day go by where you don't discuss with them their future, their likes and dislikes and their gifts.  Tell them you love them.  Make memories. Don't just talk; really communicate!  Share your heart. We had a lot of milestones this past year: Kelsey's first full year at Vanderbilt and her first year away from home.  She did well academically but she also blossomed as a young lady and in her faith.  She is plugged into a wonderful group of friends and a fabulous church.  She is an amazing young woman of God. And there were some other milestones this summer too!  She finally got her driver's license!  Here she is driving back from the road test: KelseyDriving4001 I'm so incredibly proud of her!  She has become an amazing young lady.  I love to talk with her and even if she wasn't my daughter, I would be proud to call her my friend. Today is our last full day with her as she leaves for Vanderbilt early tomorrow morning. Thank you Lord, for giving us this amazing child, being able to watch her grow and for allowing her to come closer to You as she fulfills her dreams and walks her own path with You-even if that path is currently 1800 miles away from home. Remember: Don't count the hugs; make every hug count!


  • Laurie Neumann

    It’s so nice when you can see the fruit of your labor. You are blessed to be able to.

    It’s sad and happy at the same time:-)

  • cindy holman

    I love this – and I can so relate with you, as you know! My dear daughter gets married in TWO WEEKS!!!!!

  • Debbie Gauthier

    Inspiring blog for all mothers. My sixteen year old son has entered his Junior year of high school. I cannot believe how much he has matured this summer. He has taken on martial arts classes over the summer and has a first job cooking for a bingo hall. He has a state ID and is not bugging me for a drivers license yet. He loves to hug his Mom and share his thoughts with me. I am always there for him and he is my best friend too. He is a good Christian young man and he teaches me sometimes. Thanks for the reminder that we must always communicate with our teens and they are never too old for a huge hug!

  • BeckyJoie

    Great post. They are only with us for a little while. It reminds me of the “Roots and Wings” song I claim as the theme song for my oldest son. I like the way you put it, “…make every hug count.”

  • Arielle

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for the reminder!

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