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Stop the Presses!

This is not a test!  This is a real Art of Eloquence emergency!  Well, not really, but I got your attention, didn't I? LOL I actually do have a very good reason for alarming you with this blog post.  We are suspending our regularly scheduled blog posts this month to bring you some exciting and important Art of Eloquence news! When the Art of Eloquence emergency is over, we will resume our regularly scheduled blog posts of articles, FUNdamentals, reviews and Ask JoJo posts. Here now is the first of four important Art of Eloquence announcements: We've had our Fire Sale going for four months now and, while many of you have taken advantage of our $150 dollar package for...

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Study shows texting during class a bad idea

These folks have a keen sense of the obvioius.  A recent study conducted reveals what almost everyone already could have told them: texting during class is a bad idea.  No kidding?  Who'da thunk it?  They spent money on this, folks! "College students who frequently text message during class have difficulty staying attentive to classroom lectures and consequently risk having poor learning outcomes, finds a new study accepted for publication in the National Communication Association's journal Communication Education." The article goes on to suggest, "Students should consider limiting their texting during class."  I'd go a few steps further. 1. Texting during class is RUDE both to the professor and to the other students trying to learn. 2. Texting during class is...

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Mailbag Monday: Articles

It's time again for Mailbag Monday!  On the last Monday of the month, I post your questions and comments.  I didn't get any unusual questions this month, but we did get so many wonderful comments, mostly on my articles,  that  I thought I'd include links to them so you all can read them if you didn't get a chance to when they came out. Thanks to all of you who wrote in for your kind comments. I so enjoy hearing how much you enjoy my articles and studies!  One question I do get often applies here.  Yes, you may re-post any of my blog articles as long as you keep them in tact with my resource box with a link...

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