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Mailbag Monday: Articles

It's time again for Mailbag Monday!  On the last Monday of the month, I post your questions and comments.  I didn't get any unusual questions this month, but we did get so many wonderful comments, mostly on my articles,  that  I thought I'd include links to them so you all can read them if you didn't get a chance to when they came out. Thanks to all of you who wrote in for your kind comments. I so enjoy hearing how much you enjoy my articles and studies!  One question I do get often applies here.  Yes, you may re-post any of my blog articles as long as you keep them in tact with my resource box with a link...

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We're giving away Christmas Gifts!!

Ok this is soooo cool!  I've never done anything like this before. You are going to love this. I got the idea by looking at things closely and finding hidden images in them.  Once I started, I couldn't help but notice them everywhere!  What's this got to do with Christmas?  Well...I found that most everything in life, whether man made or God made has something hidden in it to show us that He loves us.  That he was born to die for us because he loved us so very much. So I created an eBook I call "God is Everywhere" and I illustrated it with pictures where each one has a hidden image to remind us that God loved us...

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