Mailbag Monday: Articles

It's time again for Mailbag Monday!  On the last Monday of the month, I post your questions and comments.  I didn't get any unusual questions this month, but we did get so many wonderful comments, mostly on my articles,  that  I thought I'd include links to them so you all can read them if you didn't get a chance to when they came out. Thanks to all of you who wrote in for your kind comments. I so enjoy hearing how much you enjoy my articles and studies!  One question I do get often applies here.  Yes, you may re-post any of my blog articles as long as you keep them in tact with my resource box with a link back to me. I have a few blog fans out there!  Here’s what one had to say on her blog about mine: "Here's a link to one of my absolute all-time favorite websites/blogs." -Becky Joie I received an email from her as well this month with feedback about how her Co op Class is going: "Co-op class is going well with Say What You Mean for Kids.  The students enjoy it and I am so glad that it is easy to teach and has little prep work, especially with my busy schedule. I look forward to teaching it every week." -Becky Joie We also had some wonderful feedback about our monthly homeschool leadership seminar this month: "Loved your seminar!!  I just order One by One (Denise & Kristen) book, know I'm sending you my email so I can get yours. Thanks in advance!!" -Marie I received several wonderful emails about my funny article, JoJo's 10 Important Uses for SPAM to Enrich Your Life, I posted here on the blog last week: "Hahaha left a comment JoJo you hit the nail on the head!! Love it Jo Jo. I'm spamming all my friends with that link. LOL!" -Heather I received a very nice email about my article, “Should You Pay Her What She's Worth:” "I went and read your article and I can't agree more. Demanding that a business person give away the things that provide their livelihood,  'communicates a lack of respect for her as an expert, a lack of respect for her time and a lack of respect for her right to make a living and provide for her family" -Joan This was one of the responses I received about one of my exclusive newsletter articles “Is it Ever 4:76am in Your Conversation?”  I’m afraid I cannot give out the link to this one as these are exclusive articles JUST for my newsletter subscribers.  If you are not a subscriber and wish to be, you can subscribe here: "I saw this in your newsletter so I went and read the whole article.  NICE!!!!  I really enjoyed it.  GREAT ARTICLE!" –Carla Thanks for all the wonderful feedback this month. It really helps me to know what you all like and need!


  • BeckyJoie

    And that you do well, my friend.

  • jojosblog

    Thanks Becky Joie! My goal is to bring a unique and fun perspective to the things I share.

  • BeckyJoie

    As always, JoJo, I enjoyed reading your blog today. I love the blog colors too. It made me feel right at home. Our blog colors are similar. :>) You always have very entertaining and unique content.