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Happy Birtl Day, Chris!

Today is my son's 13th birthday and I had planned to dispense with my usual discussion of communication to share a little bit about him with my readers.  Here's part of what I had planned to share.  This is a very fuzzy picture of him winning the Youth Cart Racing League over at K1 Racing.  He holds the undefeated title of fastest lap ever at that location in all the years they have been open.  This includes some professional race car drivers!  I'd already shared about my daughter's recent college graduation so I thought I'd give equal time to my son. I had planned to share my son's incredible sense of humor and how he had inspired some  of my latest...

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HS Question #3: What about Socialization?

Continuing my series of articles, “A Question of Homeschooling.”   Last week I answered the question, “Is homeschooling legal?”  This week I will answer the most common question homeschoolers are asked, What about socialization? There are really two reasons people ask this question.  One is because they are truly seeking to understand how homeschoolers get along not seeing the same group of children each day.  The other is because they are under the false impression that homeschoolers lock their children in a closet until they graduate and by then, they are so weird, lonely and devoid of social skills, they are incapable of getting along in the "real world." First, I want to share some of the truths of socialization and...

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