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Rein of Error

This is a new feature here on the Art of Eloquence blog.  Many of my readers feel there has been a rein of error in communication these days.  They cringe when they see misspellings, improper use of grammar and typos.  This new feature of the AoE blog will turn your cringing into giggling. Here are this month's Rein of Error entries you can laugh at.  No need to avert your eyes!  It's safe to look.  Can you spot all the errors?   These are just a few of the ones we had personal experience with. This was my son's cake from a few years ago.                 This was an SAT Prep Book we chose...

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Happy Birtl Day, Chris!

Today is my son's 13th birthday and I had planned to dispense with my usual discussion of communication to share a little bit about him with my readers.  Here's part of what I had planned to share.  This is a very fuzzy picture of him winning the Youth Cart Racing League over at K1 Racing.  He holds the undefeated title of fastest lap ever at that location in all the years they have been open.  This includes some professional race car drivers!  I'd already shared about my daughter's recent college graduation so I thought I'd give equal time to my son. I had planned to share my son's incredible sense of humor and how he had inspired some  of my latest...

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Happy Bar Mitzvah Erving?

Today is April Fool's Day, but then I've never liked April Fool's.  Some of the tricks played on this day seemed mean and others were downright cruel.  However, I have a funny story for you that kind of qualifies as April Fool's, Tabares Style.  I need to begin at the beginning and that would be way back in the 70's.  Let me take you down memory lane. All in the Family was a popular show in the 70's and, if you are old enough to remember the show, you'll know that Archie Bunker was a cheapskate.  One episode had him purchasing a cake for his wife's birthday and coming home with a cake that said, "Happy Bar Mitzvah Irving!"  Why? ...

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