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Breast Cancer AWAREness?

Every year around this time, I receive an inordinate number of private messages from Facebook friends about Breast Cancer Awareness.  So many apparently see this as a fun way to promote a worthy cause, the elimination of breast cancer which affects many women, so why do I have such a problem with it? 1. It does NOT promote awareness. A few years ago I was asked to post the color of my bra.  Another year I was asked to post where I like to keep my purse.  This year I was asked to post a tiny heart symbol.  You are ONLY supposed to post the answer, but not explain what it means--even when someone asks. Most people have no idea it has anything...

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Ms Pac Man on this week's Friday Funnies!

If you've listened in to Grace Talk Soup in the last few weeks, you'll know that my co host, editor and dear friend, Carla Ives, is going through a tough time right now.  Her husband was diagnosed with cancer and it's already been a long haul for her family.  Ray, just went in for a proceedure that will tell them how far the cancer has spread and then they will be deciding on a treatment. Carla has a fabulous sense of humor and a very active imagination.  She wrote one hilarious blog post about her feelings and I thought it would make a perfect Friday Funny for Communication FUNdamentals.  It is hysterical but it is also a testament to how...

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