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Art of Eloquence and Grape Stuff Teaming Up for Family!

Here at Art of Eloquence, we have always been about family.  Better communication means happier families so, when an opportunity presented itself to team up with Grape in support of families, it was a perfect fit! Grape Stuff is a new company with a mission to provide great (grape) products in support of families.  It's first product, the Grape Grill Buddy BBQ Grill Mat helps families by allowing them to get together outdoors without technology (that often gets in the way of real communication) and just be with each other, making memories. Grape Stuff recently had a blog article about how doctors now prescribing the Great Outdoors for what ails us.   Art of Eloquence has long been prescribing old fashioned communication for...

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Communication Lessons from Fairy Tales

There are communication lessons for us in just about every area of life.  That's because communication affects every aspect of our lives from birth to death and from relationships to business and ministry. I'm starting a new segment on the Art of Eloquence blog each month called, Communication Lessons from Fairy Tales and this month I start with the most obvious: Lessons from "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" Everyone knows the story.  A boy cries wolf so often people no longer respond to his pleas and then, when a real wolf threatens him, nobody believes him enough to help when he really needs it.  We see this played out differently in the technological age where car alarms go off day...

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Riddle Me This?

Riddles exercise our brain and help us hone sharpen our skills which, in turn, help us to communicate more effectively.  Riddles help us to read between the lines, think out of the box and pay close attention to work our listening skills.  See if you can figure it out without scrolling down to find the answer.  In fact, this is a great riddle for kids as well so grab your little ones and see how well they can do!   Q: What comes down, but never goes up? S C R O L L   D O W N   A: Rain Did you get it?  Leave a comment and share your experiences!   NOTE: Don’t forget to submit your...

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