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Words that bug you

Insects are little pests in our homes.  They don't really belong there and they just annoy us as we have to deal with them either one at a time or, heaven forbid, in swarms! Unnecessary words are the same way in our communication.  Ever talk to someone who takes the long way around a conversation?  Someone who walks around the block a bit before he finally spits out what he wants to say?  Ever in a hurry and need an answer to a question quickly but the person you happened to ask has swallowed a dictionary?  Does it BUG you?  LOL Sometimes we need a "Just the facts ma'am" moment, but we live in a "let me tell you all...

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21 Fly Salute

So I'm sitting in the living room listening to the lilting sounds of my dd playing the keyboard last night when I hear... "MOM!  FLIES!" Sure enough I see approximately 4 or 5 flies on the window behind the blinds.  How'd they get in here?  All the windows are closed cuz the air conditioning is on 24/7 cuz it's 110 degrees in Phoenix cuz it's SUMMER in the DESERT! I run to get the fly swatter and, shhhh...  "Be wewy wewy qwiet!  I'm hunting Fwies!  Eeeee eeee eeee!" As I begin "Fly Massacre at Tabares Mannor", it's like a bug horror movie.  Each time I kill a fly, another comes to take its place.  The replacements are smarter and more...

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