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21 Fly Salute

So I'm sitting in the living room listening to the lilting sounds of my dd playing the keyboard last night when I hear... "MOM!  FLIES!" Sure enough I see approximately 4 or 5 flies on the window behind the blinds.  How'd they get in here?  All the windows are closed cuz the air conditioning is on 24/7 cuz it's 110 degrees in Phoenix cuz it's SUMMER in the DESERT! I run to get the fly swatter and, shhhh...  "Be wewy wewy qwiet!  I'm hunting Fwies!  Eeeee eeee eeee!" As I begin "Fly Massacre at Tabares Mannor", it's like a bug horror movie.  Each time I kill a fly, another comes to take its place.  The replacements are smarter and more...

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