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Planning a Staycation this year?

There're some new words in town and they've put 'em in the dictionary! According to Merriam Webster, 25 new words were added to the dictionary in 2009.  Do you know what they mean?  Try your hand and see how "Hip", "Mod", "New" and "Happening" you are! I'll post the answers (as a comment to this post) tomorrow so y'all come on back! 1.  acai 2. carbon footprint 3. cardioprotective 4. earmark 5. fan fiction 6. flash mob 7. frenemy 8. goji 9. green-collar 10. haram 11. locavore 12. memory foam 13. missalette 14. naproxen 15. neuroprotective 16. pharmacogenetics 17. physiatry 18. reggaeton 19. shawarma 20. sock puppet 21. staycation 22. vlog 23. waterboarding 24. webisode 25. zip line Don't forget...

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Help! Ethel the Editor took over my blog!

WORDY WEDNESDAY Help!  Ethel the Editor not only took over Carla's blog today, she hijacked mine, to boot!  The only problem is our dear Ethel only left me the words and NOT the answers.  To find out the meaning of these words, follow Ethel's blackmail note below:  It mysteriously appeared on my blog sometime in the middle of the night!. TO:  JoJo FROM:  Ethel the Editor SUBJECT:  Wordy Wednesday Sorry, JoJo, but your blog is mine today.  bwahahaha!!!  And get this. . . so is Carla's.  I'm gonna stump your readers today.  How?  With E-words!!!  You write e-books, you and Carla send way too many e-mails, you send out an e-newsletter and the best thing. . . Ethel starts with...

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